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  James Faulkner (Australia) - Career Batting - T20 Internationals
Date:		13/02/2013    
Runs:		7
Versus:		West Indies
Ground:		Brisbane Cricket Ground     
Aggregate:	7
Average:		7.00Summary:
Date:		29/08/2013    
Runs:		5*
Versus:		England
Ground:		The Rose Bowl     
Aggregate:	12
Average:		12.00Summary:
Date:		31/08/2013    
Runs:		5
Versus:		England
Ground:		Riverside Ground     
Aggregate:	17
Average:		8.50Summary:
Date:		10/10/2013    
Runs:		10*
Versus:		India
Ground:		Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium     
Aggregate:	27
Average:		13.50Summary:
Date:		28/03/2014    
Runs:		13
Versus:		West Indies
Ground:		Shere Bangla National Stadium     
Aggregate:	40
Average:		13.33Summary:
Date:		05/10/2014    
Runs:		7*
Versus:		Pakistan
Ground:		Dubai International Cricket Stadium     
Aggregate:	47
Average:		15.67Summary:
Date:		05/11/2014    
Runs:		41*
Versus:		South Africa
Ground:		Adelaide Oval     
Aggregate:	88
Average:		29.33Summary:
Date:		09/11/2014    
Runs:		9
Versus:		South Africa
Ground:		ANZ Stadium     
Aggregate:	97
Average:		24.25Summary:
Date:		26/01/2016    
Runs:		10
Versus:		India
Ground:		Adelaide Oval     
Aggregate:	107
Average:		21.40Summary:
Date:		29/01/2016    
Runs:		10
Versus:		India
Ground:		Melbourne Cricket Ground     
Aggregate:	117
Average:		19.50Summary:
Date:		06/03/2016    
Runs:		7*
Versus:		South Africa
Ground:		Wanderers Stadium     
Aggregate:	124
Average:		20.67Summary:
Date:		18/03/2016    
Runs:		2
Versus:		New Zealand
Ground:		Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium     
Aggregate:	126
Average:		18.00Summary:
Date:		21/03/2016    
Runs:		5*
Versus:		Bangladesh
Ground:		M Chinnaswamy Stadium     
Aggregate:	131
Average:		18.71Summary:
Date:		27/03/2016    
Runs:		10
Versus:		India
Ground:		Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium     
Aggregate:	141
Average:		17.63Summary:
Date:		09/09/2016    
Runs:		1
Versus:		Sri Lanka
Ground:		R Premadasa Stadium     
Aggregate:	142
Average:		15.78Summary:
Date:		17/02/2017    
Runs:		14*
Versus:		Sri Lanka
Ground:		Melbourne Cricket Ground     
Aggregate:	156
Average:		17.33Summary:
Date:		19/02/2017    
Runs:		1
Versus:		Sri Lanka
Ground:		Simmonds Stadium     
Aggregate:	157
Average:		15.70Summary:
Date:		22/02/2017    
Runs:		2
Versus:		Sri Lanka
Ground:		Adelaide Oval     
Aggregate:	159
Average:		14.45
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James Faulkner - Profile and Statistical Summary
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