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 1966-1967 South Africa v Australia - 2nd Test - Partnerships

Australia - 1st Innings
R B Simpson     21
    W M Lawry
R B Simpson     117
    I R Redpath
R B Simpson     78
    R M Cowper
R B Simpson     94
    I M Chappell
I M Chappell     6
    T R Veivers
T R Veivers     52
    K R Stackpole
K R Stackpole     128
    G D Watson
K R Stackpole     41
    G D McKenzie
G D McKenzie     1
    H B Taber
H B Taber     4
    D A Renneberg

South Africa - 1st Innings
T L Goddard     12
    E J Barlow
E J Barlow     0
    A A Bacher
E J Barlow     29
    R G Pollock
R G Pollock     25
    H R Lance
R G Pollock     19
    D T Lindsay
R G Pollock     112
    P L van der Merwe
R G Pollock     45
    D B Pithey
R G Pollock     16
    R Dumbrill
R G Pollock     85
    P M Pollock
P M Pollock     10
    A H McKinnon

South Africa - 2nd Innings
T L Goddard     45
    E J Barlow
T L Goddard     15
    A A Bacher
A A Bacher     0
    R G Pollock
R G Pollock     4
    H R Lance
H R Lance     119
    D T Lindsay
D T Lindsay     28
    P L van der Merwe
P L van der Merwe     34
    D B Pithey
D B Pithey     86
    P M Pollock
P M Pollock     14
    R Dumbrill
P M Pollock     22
    A H McKinnon

Australia - 2nd Innings
R B Simpson     49
    W M Lawry
W M Lawry     32
    I R Redpath
I R Redpath     17
    R M Cowper
I R Redpath     21
    I M Chappell
I R Redpath     61
    T R Veivers
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