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Cricket Games
 Cricket Themed Games Which You Must Play
Cricket is much everywhere in the commonwealth countries and also in other nations around the world. And although it may not be as popular as soccer, the fact remains that a good number of people still follow it, and they are willing to play these games on their devices just to simulate it. If you've been playing Royal Vegas casino table games for a while, you can take a break from this genre in order to sample what cricket themed games have to offer. Therefore, if you want some inspiration, this list will keep you informed about some of the most sought-after cricket themed games on the internet.
Tabletop Cricket
This is a PlayStation cricket game that was released a few years ago by a developer called Big Ant Studios. The good thing with this cricket themed game is that it was created with rich graphics depicting world tours with over 60 different matches to play. It is also among the most popular cricket themed games since it gives you the choice of either playing solo or with your friends.
International Cricket 2010
The name depicts that the game was created and released in 2010. This is exclusively a game for the xBox 360 lovers. In this world class cricket themed simulating game, you will enjoy rich graphics and also play as a batsman or bowler if you like. The game also comes with tutorials that can help you get started easily. For this reason, the game has grown in popularity over the last couple of years.
Stick Cricket- for Android OS
The first version was released for iOS players. But now it's available for Android users as well. The Android version was released back in 2012, and it was considered one of the hottest cricket themed games at the time. In this game, you are the batsman, and you need to fire your shots from different angles. You also need to time your movement correctly in order to get the perfect shot. This makes the game a solo and very addictive game to play.
The International Cricket Captain
It was created by a Developer called Childish Things, and it's now available for both PC and MAC users. What makes it attractive is the fact that you will manage a cricket team through a host of different tournaments. These can be selected by you. Another interesting aspect of the game is the fact that it comes with impressive graphics to keep you entertained throughout gameplay. Once more, this is a game which can be played by many people at once. You only need to purchase it and play for free for as long as you will have it in your device.
Royal Vegas Online Casino
Royal Vegas Online Casino has a number of cricket themed games to play. If you don't want to play for free (since free games never carry any reward in terms of money), you could play budget-friendly cricket themed games at Royal Vegas. They are rich in graphics as well, pus they also have the potential of keeping you playing for hours.