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 Bowling Speed Records
We receive frequent requests regarding providing a page listing the speeds at which various bowlers have been recorded by speed recording equipment. Some of the requests are for straight forward listings of recorded speeds, while others are more complicated with allegations that certain bowlers are not credited with attaining record speeds because of bias due to race and other reasons.
In making a decision regarding this much discussed and controversial subject we considered a number of issues, not least of which are listed below.
1. There is no guaranteed standardization of the technology involved in measuring bowling speeds. We have no idea how the equipment is set up, tested and verified. We do not know at what part of the ball's flight it's speed is measured, and if this is the same in every case. In short there are many unknown factors which may affect the accuracy of a reading.
2. There are a number of reports of players themselves doubting the accuracy of reported bowling speeds. For example, Adam Gilchrist has been quoted as saying that he thought that a Brett Lee delivery recorded at 157+ km/h was slower than a delivery a few balls earlier which had been recorded at a slower speed.
3. Most importantly, we deal in factual records which can be absolutely verified. If a batsman scores 100 - this is verifiable on the score card. There is no verifiable source for "bowling speeds".
For the reasons listed above, we have decided not to publish information relating to "bowling speeds" at this time. If at some future time, a verifiable, standard measuring mechanism becomes available, we will reconsider our position.

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